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Happy Holidays from Crystal River Products

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Has there ever been a more opportune time than this season of holiday cheer to feel and express gratitude?

As Seth and I reflect on the many blessings we have had as an extended family and a fledgling business that is showing signs of activity and growth, we not only thank God, but also our friends, customers, and supporters for what we have learned and the opportunities to help our fellow hobbyists.


As we mentioned in the last blog, we have been working on the HO version of the stockyard and successfully sold a few kits and ironed out a few bugs, thanks to our test builders. We will complete the production of the S and O scale versions as well and will fulfill orders for these on demand.

Our next efforts will be, as we indicated in our last blog, with the following three kits, based on the popularity indicated in our product survey. They are:

1. The two-stall engine house came in first place by a country mile, with an almost even split across all three scales (HO, S, and O)

2. The 100-ton Ice House from our Station Grounds set took the silver medal, again with an almost-even split across all three scales

3. Rounding out the top three was the Ore Pocket with Tram House—likewise with an even split across all three scales

My next favorite is the round roof water tank in S and O scales. (Confession: I am building one in O Scale for me, claiming "owner's privilege." I just choose to call it "market research.")

We also indicated that we would reach out to those who completed the survey to confirm what you said you wanted. No, this would not be a sales contact, just a confirmation that you are still interested. No pressure.

Truly, we are in this endeavor to stay. And grateful to boot! (Wow! Haven't heard that exclamation in quite a few years.) At any rate...

We wish you and yours Happy Holidays! Stay tuned!

Write and tell us what you are thankful for. We'd love to hear from you.

We're fanatics

Also, and we can't say this often enough. "We are fanatical about your experience." This means that we want your customer experience with us to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. So, if you are not satisfied with your kit, if any parts are missing or defective, or the instructions are unclear, or you just want to chat, please contact us. We'll do all we can to make sure you are satisfied with our product and service.

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