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At the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Denver

We're enjoying NNGC '23 here in Denver this week. It's a bustling show, with over 1k attendees and lots of great layouts, vendors, and clinics to attend.

We've gotten some great feedback from visitors to our booth. The short version:

  • Make more of the kits available!

  • Make all of the kits you offer available all of the time

  • Offer some components of your kits (shingles, windows, staircases) for separate purchase

  • How about some new stuff?

  • Maybe update your website every now and then, how about?

All of this is... fair. :-) It's been a rough year for Rand (my dad) my own family. We've not gotten as much done for Crystal River Products as we'd like to have done. But we're hopeful for better things in the year ahead.

As of today, we can announce a few changes that line up pretty well with the feedback we've received:

  1. We're going to go back to our prior model of making all of the kits we offer available for purchase at any time. We'll need to ask for patience as we fulfill orders for items that aren't in stock: it can take us 2-3 weeks to make a kit that we don't have on the shelf, but we'll keep you up to date as we work on your order.

  2. We're going to offer the option to order shingles (in O and S scales) separately, as a regular product. We'll consider making our multi-piece windows available the same way, if folks are interested.

  3. We'll bring at least 3 more kits out of the vault and into production over the next quarter.

We're grateful for your support and understanding as we bring Crystal River Products back into the marketplace.

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