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The design of this tank is based on the D&RG Sixteen X Twenty-four Erecting Drawings of 1900.  The water tanks were normally constructed to standardized plans.  Like almost everything else along the railroad, variations existed, and became more predominant with age, until at the end of service, no two tanks were identical.  Many of these changes are pointed out in the various sections of the following instructions.  If you are trying to duplicate a specific tank, refer to photographs of that tank as you are building your model. Options allowing the incorporation of numerous observed changes are included in the instructions and design of this kit. 


If you are new to building wooden kits, it may look imposing at first glance.  In addition to providing input to the experienced modeler, we have provided a path through the instructions to guide the modeler to a finished tank that will match the erecting drawings.  If you are having problems, please feel free to contact us and we will help you through the rough spot.

Octagon-roof water tank - S scale

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