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Stockyards were present at almost every small community along the railroad, and each had it’s own personality.  The D&RG 1923 Roster lists stockyards at 43 locations along the narrow gauge, and an additional 9 along the RGS.  A couple locations were chutes only, with no pens for holding stock.  Most facilities were small, two or three pens, and most had a double deck chute to allow loading and unloading cars of cattle, pigs, and sheep.  A few had two chutes to allow loading two cars at a time.


Single deck or the lower portion of double deck chutes were used for loading or unloading larger stock such as horse and cattle from single deck stock cars.  Double deck stock cars were used to transport smaller animals such as sheep and pigs.  For these animals, a double deck chute was required.  Double deck stock cars could only be used for sheep, pigs, and similar small animals, while single deck cars could be used for all animals.  This kit can be used to make either a single deck or double deck chute, and also includes the platform, extension fences, aprons, walkways, and chute gates.

Full Stockyard - O scale

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