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O Scale Doors and Windows

These doors and windows are cut from adhesive backed Strathmore board to eliminate grain running the wrong direction on portions of the completed item.  The windows are made from five pieces: the two sashes, a casing, trim, and sill.  The sashes are provided on a separate sheet of material, allowing the sashes to be painted one color, and the remaining components another giving sharp separation of colors.  The casing is provided to give the windows more of a 3-D look, moving the sashes back away from the trim.  The sill is designed to sit at a slight angle once the window is completed.   A jig is included to help hold everything in alignment during assembly.

If desired, the windows can be built with sashes on both sides of the glazing,  They can be assembled with either, or both, sashes open, providing ventilation in the building.  Opening sizes listed below are approximately 2 scale inches per side smaller then the overall trim size.

panes Part Number Number per package Opening size
8 601-31 10 0.650W x 1.500H
12 601-32 7 0.900W x 1.500H
18 601-33 5 1.000W x 2.100H

The door package includes 4 styles of people doors, and two styles of freight doors.  Each door contains a panel, door styles, casing, and trim.  Like the windows, the components are provided on separate sheets allowing for sharp separation of colors.  


People door opening Size

Freight door opening size


0.75W x 1.67H

1.83W x 1.88H